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Levi's 501 Women's Jeans 150th Anniversary Edition - Levi's Hong Kong

501® 150th Anniversary Edition

Features special hardware including custom 150th anniversary red tab, back patch, buttons, and rivets

Women styled in Levi's 501 Jeans - Levi's Hong Kong
Levi's 501 Original Women Collection's history -  Levi's Hong Kong
Levi's 501 Women's Collection 150th Anniversary Celebration -  Levi's Hong Kong
Levi's 501 Women Jeans -  Levi's Hong Kong


NEW! 501® ‘81

The perfect vintage mom jeans, inspired by the first-ever 501® designed specifically for women

Levi's 501 '81 Blue Jeans - Levi's Hong Kong


Women have always had a wide variety of options when it comes to clothes, but while the choices are many, it isn't often that women’s clothes and women’s pants in particular, offer the dream combo of practicality, comfort and style. And of course, with the addition of fast fashion in the equation, selecting pants that are not just comfortable but also made to last can be quite a challenge. The only thing that separates fashion from style is quality, and with Levi’s® 501 women’s collection you can always be certain to find both aplenty. Whether it’s jean shorts or jeans that you’re after, our Levi’s® 501 collection caters to women of all shapes, sizes and style preferences.

Casual days out call for roomy comfort and shorter pants, but if mid-length shorts that cut across the upper part of your thigh aren’t your style, you can always opt for longer shorts that end just above the knee for a comfier and more modest fit. Think of them as bermuda shorts for women. Not only does this androgynous cut help smoothen out the hip and thighs, it also provides ample room for movement, making them a great choice for an active day out. However, if a cute and carefree look is your goal, high-rise jean boy shorts are perfect for you. They can be dressed down with tops and shirts during warmer months, or even sweaters and sweatshirts as the weather gets chillier.

Speaking of warmer months, why not do your part to save the environment while still staying stylish with our sustainable clothing range? Not only do you get to cosy up in comfortable outfits like our line of water-saving, tree-loving and waste-reducing women’s tees that will keep you looking and feeling cool, you’ll be able to dress up guilt-free, knowing that you're helping to build a better, more sustainable future.

Our Levi’s® 501 women’s collection isn’t limited to just your summer wardrobe either. After all, jeans and longer pants are versatile wardrobe staples that can be worn throughout the year. Levi’s® 501 jeans have always been a symbol of freedom and individuality, so showcase your styling chops by dressing them up with a blouse, heels and a blazer for a casual chic look, or dress them down with a tee, sneakers and denim jacket for a classic pairing that’s perfect for relaxing in.

One thing’s for sure, Levi’s® 501 women’s jeans are must-haves for every wardrobe and they’re definitely here to stay. No matter the season or trend, whether it’s at work, at play or on the go, you can’t go wrong with the durability and superior comfort that the Levi’s® 501 women’s collection offers, so get yours today!