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Adding those final touches to your outfit goes a long way. With Levi’s® modern street and choices of fashion accessories, you’re spoilt for choice when defining your personal style, taste and preference.


Buckles are the centrepiece of any belt and they are available in different shapes and colours. For menswear, studded belts, colourful belts or belts with big buckles are generally worn for casual outings. To pair with your formal attire, go for belts that complement your shoes. If you’re planning to wear a pair of matte shoes, wear a simple, matte belt. The same goes with glossy shoes that should be paired with a glossy, minimalistic belt. Ladies, we didn’t forget about you! Belts in women’s fashion are amazingly versatile, making it the go-to women accessories for fun, relaxed meet-ups and elegant celebratory dinners. Unlike men’s lowkey rule of belt fashion, women’s belts are designed to stand out using contrasting shapes, designs and colours. Take a look at our Levi’s® belt collection and see if you can find the perfect match to your attire.


While walking in the streets of Hong Kong, you’ll want a bag to store and carry your things around with ease. But bags are more than just functional accessories! They can be doubled as a fashion-forward statement. Aside from storing smaller items with great mobility, cross-body bags like sling bags add a fresh, sporty vibe or urban street look to your casual tees. For those who prefer more storage as well as colours and designs that “pop”, Levi’s® backpack series fit well into that description.


Need extra protection from the sun? Brimmed caps and hats provide the shade protection for your face, ears and neck. These are common areas of sunburn and skin damage. By wearing well-fitted headwear in addition to applying sunscreen, you’ll be ready to head out safely and in style. During colder months, beanies are the ideal headwear to keep your ears warm while fashionably accessorising with the rest of your warm clothing. Check out Levi’s® stylish caps, hats and beanies for contemporary headwear options.


When it comes to innerwear, everybody has their own preferences. Levi’s® boxers and briefs are available in solid colours and vibrant designs to cater for various tastes. Not forgetting our very own Levi’s® face covers, they are functional and fashion accessories to have while heading out for work, meet-ups and daily errands.

At Levi’s®, we have a variety of men and women accessories to choose from for the people of Hong Kong. Style yourself with confidence, street class and vintage chic with Levi’s® fashion accessories, clothing items and more today!