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Caps, bucket hats, beanies, denim diver caps… Levi’s® headwear collection is made for men and women who want to take their urban fashion up a notch while adding some sun protection.

New to headwear? Let’s explore some of the styles you can try today.

Classy Minimalism

If you like low-key with a touch of luxe, you can pick up a blank solid-colored cap or logo cap to pair with a lightweight jacket, solid tee and chino pants. Fabrics like cotton and denim are great options for comfort and to create a contemporary appeal, which suits those who want to go for smart casual wear.

Warm, Sunny Days

Brimmed caps and bucket hats are in for the summer holidays! These headwear items make beach picnics and wave-watching more enjoyable. Nobody wants to experience the pain of squinting at the sun.

Dressing for warm days is fashionably effortless for men and women. But if you want to add some personality to the standard shorts, T-shirt or singlet, choose headwear that matches or complements the color theme of your outfit.

Setting the Tone

Do you have a favorite color? Use that as a base color for your outfit of the day. Let’s say it’s autumn and you can’t wait to pull out that beautiful warm red sweater from the wardrobe. Don on that sweater and select an orange or other warm-colored beanie to pair. This tonal approach to dressing up is a good start for fashion newbies and those who are looking for more wardrobe inspirations.

Out in the Streets

Even though streetwear is rooted in surf and skate culture, that doesn’t mean you can’t add a little more fashion effort. Chill out with a cap in concerts and drinking sessions with your buddies alongside a statement tee with cropped jeans and sneakers. Take your urban street look further by adding a denim jacket or sustainable hoodie.

Whichever headwear accessories you choose, be mindful of hair management when taking it off. You’ll want to look good without the messy hair (unless if it’s part of the plan!). Check out Levi’s® stylish caps, hats and beanies at our store today.