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Borrowed From the Boys

Ways to wear men's shirt for women Levi's hong kong

Menswear-inspired looks have rolled into and out of women’s fashion since the dawn of...well, fashion. In fact, back in the 1930s, women started wearing our men’s 501® Jeans to keep up with daily ranch life, influencing the creation of our first women’s jeans in 1934. Women have come a long way since then—in life and style—but shopping the men’s rack still rules. Read on to see how our stylists outfitted their favorite men’s pieces, using a mix of vintage and womenswear to complete each look.

Women styled in men's trousers Levi's hong kong

Don’t Call Them Khakis

Stylish enough to wear out. Comfy enough for around the house. Levi’s® XX Chinos aren’t just for him. Supersoft and relaxed in fit, they make for an easy transition into shopping the “men’s department.” Keep your outfit simple with a plain tee and have fun with the details, like using a shoelace as a belt to create a paper-bag effect at the waist. Or rolling the pant legs into cuffs that show off your socks. Vintage penny loafers and a dad hat feel playful while adding serious style.

Long Live the Canadian Tux

Denim on denim—it’s kind of our thing. And when it comes to finding the right fit, we don’t limit ourselves to one gender-assigned department or the other. Here, the combination of our men’s Marine Carpenter Shorts with pool slides and socks feels effortless and fashion-forward at the same time. A vintage Trucker Jacket left open shows a hint of skin while also highlighting the shorts’ leisurely drawstring waist. Head-to-toe denim is a look that’s proven to never go out of style—as long as you style it right.

Men's denim jacket for women Levi's hong kong
Men's denim jeans for women Levi's hong kong

Doubled Down & Off Duty

This outfit is centered around our men’s X JEANS, styled oversized and slouchy with hems left unrolled for maximum ankle stack. Classic oxford shirts, worn baggy with buttons left undone, really bring home that whole ’90s-off-duty-model vibe. Plus, the low waist of the pants and openness of the tops shine a spotlight on one of our favorite men’s accessories of all (regardless of the outfit): Boxer Briefs. The end result is a blend of masculine and feminine, chilled-out and chic that feels stylish and comfortable all day.

Menswear-inspired looks woman in loose pants and shirt Levi's hong kong

Staycation Forever

Bring a breeze with you everywhere you go in our men’s Cubano shirts. Our stylists play up the vacation fantasy with a messy cuff of the sleeves, leaving a few buttons undone at the bottom. A pair of our Tailor High Loose Taper + Sustainably Soft chinos cinched high on the waist help pull off this last, crucial styling detail: Cross the two shirt ends to opposite sides, pulling them as far toward your back as possible and stuff! This uncomplicated but thoughtful move adds structure to an otherwise laid-back outfit, gives your waist the attention it deserves and shakes up the more traditional shirt knot.

Do You. In Every Iteration.

A little bit old-school private eye. A lot a bit modern, monochromatic goddess. This 100% non-denim look combines Levi’s® XX Chino Slim II and our Miko Trench coat for a sleek duo that’s as understated as it is intentional. Our stylists recommend investing in fewer, better made clothes that you’ll wear more often and for more time—it’s one of the most sustainable ways you can shop.

Woman styled in non-denim look combines men's pants and trench coat Levi's hong kong

Dressing based on fit and style instead of gender is way more fun. Plus, it doubles your shopping options. So go for it.