Levi's Hong Kong Felix Cat


Following his debut in the 1919 short film Feline Follies, Felix the Cat™ quickly skyrocketed to pop icon status, winning over the hearts of children and adults alike with his big ol’ grin and infectious sense of humor.

This mischievous cat’s had nine lives—and then some! Despite constantly finding himself in one scrape or another, Felix always gets off scot-free with a little help from his ever-changing tail and Magic Bag of Tricks.

Over the years, he’s starred in silent films, comic strips and animated talkies. He’s also been the mascot for professional sports teams, schools, auto dealerships, sodas and even a WWII strike fighter squadron. Today, Felix the Cat™ is all grown up and off to college. And like any cool cat, he packed his Levi’s®.



For this special collaboration, we took preppy, collegiate staples and reimagined them through a playful, off-kilter lens. The end product is a line of vintage-inspired styles that would stand out on any ivy-covered campus—in all the best ways. Think quirky varsity lettering, cartoon-laden Fair Isle, eye-catching jewel tones and remixed rugby stripes.

Levi's Hong Kong Felix Cat

Designed in the whimsical, carefree spirit that Felix the Cat™ has come to symbolize, this collection is a reminder that the wonder of childhood lives on in each and every one of us—no matter where we are in life.

Levi’s® x Felix the Cat™ collection is available at all Levi’s® retail stores and online.