levis hong kong - how to make a hybrid t-shirt


They make you look fresh and are popping up everywhere. Yup, we’re talking split t-shirts: those Frankenstein-ed tees that have been a streetwear staple for years! This DIY project transforms your well-loved styles into something new and original. Finally, those old t-shirts just sitting in your closet can have a second chance to shine.

Gather Your Materials

  • Two t-shirts
  • An iron
  • Heat tape
  • Sewing pins
  • Scissors
levis hong kong - gather your materials

Set Yourself up for Success

  • Fold your first shirt evenly in half
  • Cut along the fold all the way through
  • Repeat with your second shirt
  • Pick your favorite half of each
  • Cut the heat tape in half lengthwise
  • Cut the heat tape into 4-inch parts and set aside
levis hong kong - Set Yourself up for Success

Now Comes the Delicate Part

  • Turn both shirts inside out and align the front sides
  • Pin them together throughout to hold them in place
  • Remove the pins in 4-inch sections, then place a piece of heat tape in between the shirts
  • Iron over the heat tape to activate its adhesive
  • Repeat the process until you’ve finished the entire front side
  • Flip over and align the back sides together
  • Pin together and repeat the process
levis hong kong - Now Comes the Delicate Part


  • You’ve got a new hybrid shirt.
levis hong kong - Voila!

What Now?

  • Make another shirt with your leftover shirt halves
  • Save the extra fabric for future DIY projects
  • Recycle the fabric