The love between a person and their favorite pair of jeans is as true and lasting as any other—maybe even more so, considering it’s a love that can last a lifetime with proper care (also, like any other). Call us biased, but denim is our forever number one. Our soulmate. Our most trusted partner in crime. Some might even say, our better half. To honor this most treasured connection, we asked a couple staffers to go public with their feels for this favored fabric.


“I love wearing denim from head to toe. My style is simple and clean so I’m drawn to classic and long-lasting fits like my vintage men’s 517™ Bootcut jeans from the ’80s. I’ve been wearing them for more than two months straight as part of an ongoing Facebook challenge in Japan and they’re still looking great. I’ve started posting outfit of the day pictures to Instagram to share how fun it is to style the same evergreen denim with different pieces, accessories and shoes for a brand new look.

These jeans really do last forever, and even when they can’t be worn anymore, I’ll turn them into ornaments, handmade accessories and other crafts that are good ways to engage my nine year old son.” — Corinne Cook, marketing manager (Hong Kong, People’s Republic of China)


“I love denim like I love music. I don't think there’s anything more connected than Levi's® and music. You can look back through almost all big musical movements over the past 70 years and someone, somewhere will be wearing Levi's®.

I love the idea of reinterpretation within culture, in general. When sampling became a thing in music, there was an explosion of creativity; of people taking old things, flipping them and making them new again. Levi's® has that exact same quality. With so much heritage to look back on, there’s an endless supply of inspiration that you can flip into your own style and create something new from.” — Christopher Dalglish, public relations specialist (London, England)


“My style is all about self-expression. I choose my clothes like I choose my music—what am I in the mood for? French pop? Psychedelic Rock? Techno or maybe Classical? Denim is my blank canvas. It’s simple but profound, so I never get bored of it. One day, I’ll be in the mood for some Grateful Dead and play up the hippy style. The next, I’ll be on a Strokes kick and go with an American ’90s, post-punk look.

Plus, they’re resilient against the added abuse from my sweetest parrot’s beak. She (my parrot) inspires my style, too! I couldn’t be happier than when I’m in my Levi’s®, listening to my favorite music and hanging with my beautiful bird. ” — Naoko Ogamino, public relations manager (Tokyo, Japan)

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