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It goes without saying that owning a pair of Levi’s® denim jeans will make you stand out with class and rugged charm. In fact, one of our crowd favorites is none other than our men’s tapered-fit jeans. But what does “taper” mean, exactly? Simply put, the legs of jeans or pants are narrowed or “tapered” at the ankle. This creates an inverted shape where the bottom wear is loose at the top but the legs gradually narrow toward the ankle, giving the person wearing a clean, sharp look.

Think of tapered jeans as the perfect middle ground between straight and skinny fits. If you’re not sure which tapered jeans to choose, why not start with our Men’s 502™ Taper Jeans? Streamlined and tapered-leg, the 502™ Taper is versatile which suits most builds. The best part? They look great both cuffed and uncuffed and go with pretty much any type of shoes including sneakers, motorcycle boots and casual slip-ons for everyday wear. Basically, the 502s have the same roomy-thigh comfort as the 501s, but with a fitted, modern tapered design similar to 505s.

Or if you’re a man who prefers a skinny fit but with comfort in mind, Levi’s® Men’s 512™ Slim Tapered Fit Jeans is right up your alley! Having the same cutting in the waist, seat and thigh as Levi’s® 511™ but with a slimmer leg, the tailor-inspired cut highlights your footwear. You can be sure to get the best of both worlds as the 512s strike the perfect balance between a skinny and a regular taper so that you’ll have the right amount of stretch for all-day comfort.

For the more “fashion adventurous”, try our men’s denim overalls! A reinvention of the iconic 5-pocket jeans, the denim overalls feature perfectly imperfect stitchwork, multiple utility pockets and modern shapes to create something totally new yet unmistakably Levi’s®. Using sustainable fabrics, these jeans are far from regular. We crafted this particular overall with cottonized hemp, which requires less water and fewer pesticides to grow to reduce the environmental footprint of this garment. Relaxed through the hip and thigh, tapered-leg with side button closures and a zip fly, it’s the ultimate retro-inspired workwear that pulls off a hipster-cool look as well as a one-piece garment for protection against workshop dirt or heavy wear.

With the right pair of tapered jeans, a guy can easily elevate his look in all seasons. So go ahead and get into a pair of Levi’s® today!