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Since the creation of the iconic blue jeans workwear in 1873, Levi’s® has continued a legacy of making durable, comfortable and good-fitting jeans with Arcuate Design on the back pockets to display authenticity and quality. Moving forward, Levi’s® continues to design a variety of fits, styles and innovations of men’s jeans and pants tailored for the modern man. Unlike other types of bottomwear, men will find that jeans and pants are fashionable, versatile and tough against all weather and seasons.

Skinny, ripped jeans are perfect for a cool, relaxed look during a casual outing with friends. With their figure-hugging and stretchy abilities, skinny jeans also showcase the choice of your favourite footwear by tucking into a pair of crisp white sneakers.

Slim denim jeans are the middle ground of denim cuts. They provide more room to move while still maintaining the structure of your frame, giving a flattering, sleek appearance. Slim-fit jeans are great alternatives to skinny jeans for individuals with bigger frames.

Straight jeans cut gives a vintage appeal, with a slightly fuller cut around the leg and boxier silhouette. Levi’s® classic straight-leg styling is made to provide more breathing room for the thighs, knees and ankles while not flaring out. Get your leather jacket and boots ready to pair with straight denim jeans for a biker moment.

Taper-fit pants are a refined, modern alternative to straight-cut men’s trousers. Loose-fitted and lightweight, they are suitable for those with an athletic build. This is where comfort and mobility meet for a contemporary look. For more loosely cut designs, cargo pants are also recommended. Inspired by combat wear, cargo pants are distinguished by large pockets and sufficient legroom for better mobility.

Levi’s® collection of jeans, trousers and pants present quality and modernity in style. The versatility of our designs and innovations is tailored for casual meet-ups, date nights and in semi-formal settings. Own a pair of Levi’s® men jeans, trousers or pants to fill that wardrobe gap today.