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When summer fades into colder seasons, you know it’s time to keep warm — and in good taste. Sweaters and sweatshirts are timeless, comfortable wear that make you feel good and look good, just like our men’s trucker and outerwear collection. From office attire to casual everyday apparel, Levi’s® sweaters and sweatshirts for men are fashionable and versatile for just about any occasion!

Hooded sweatshirts or “hoodies” are known to be the ultimate street fashion worn by youths and young adults. Soft, warm and light, hoodies are ideal for mildly cold weathers and air-conditioned settings to provide just the right amount of warmth.

The classic zip-up hoodies are a crowd-favorite as they offer design flexibility to layer the choice of outfit. Be it with a solid-colored T-shirt or a graphic tee, zip-up hoodies are a low-key way of highlighting your favorite shirt! Pullover hoodies, meanwhile, can be worn as an alternative to tight-fitting casual apparel. Since this type of hoodie provides more room to move around, they are perfect as both a comfort and a statement piece when heading to a store or attending a class lecture.

Looking for a hoodie that keeps you extra warm and cozy? Our men’s Sherpa-lined hoodies are designed with thermal fleece and hand-warmer utility pockets to beat the cold. These hoodies have an added weight compared with regular ones and are tailored with an oversized fit for an effortlessly casual style. Check out Levi’s® hoodies for men to find one that suits your style and individuality.

If you prefer a smart-casual look, crewneck sweatshirts are a great choice to be worn at the workplace or even when you’re out and about. Men who want to create a business casual appearance can opt for a plain navy blue crewneck sweatshirt with a white shirt underneath. As for bottomwear, go for a pair of brown chino pants to complete that cool and refined persona. For those who dare to be different, graphic crewnecks and lively-colored sweatshirts might be right up your fashion alley!

Levi’s® sweaters and sweatshirts for men are available in a distinctive selection of styles, ranging from our men’s sherpa-lined hoodies to sophisticated, laidback crewneck sweatshirts to suit various needs and fashion preferences. Browse our warm clothing collection today.