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Apart from our iconic men’s jeans and pants, Levi’s® denim jackets and outerwear are another hit for generations. Not only are they built for the colder months, but they are also great picks to create a layered, laid back look even in spring and summer weather. Throughout the years, our trucker jackets and outerwear pieces have been a classic favourite to men of all ages as well as to the ladies!

Denim jackets, or also known as trucker jackets or jean jackets, come in a variety of styles for casual and semi-casual occasions. Light blue denim jackets are perfect for a day out in the sun, while dark blue ones create a smart aesthetic during autumn and winter seasons. If you want an alternative to leather jackets, opting for a black jean jacket is just as edgy and fashionably versatile — which can be paired with just about any outfit in your wardrobe. You can even pull off an all-black outfit for casual and smart casual events. Meanwhile, bolder options like white, grey, washed or bright-coloured jackets are for men who want a fresh, contemporary approach to fashion.  

Feeling extra cold and streetwear-inspired? Layer your outerwear with a light-wash Levi’s® trucker jacket while wearing a pair of slim, taper-fit jeans. Establish a balanced proportion with our sherpa jacket to complement your waistline. Alternatively, you can go for a hoodie jacket to pair with a sherpa-lined denim jacket. The fuzzy, deep-pile polyester fleece provides a similar warmth to that of a sheep’s wool, but lighter in weight, which makes sherpa lining an ideal warm jacket material that is less bulky and quick-drying.

Although denim jackets are made of strong, durable material, they still need to be treated with care. To prolong the life of your denim jacket, wash on cold and turn it inside out when hanging it to dry. Reduce the number of washes as much as possible.

Whether you prefer tapered jackets that fall right at your wrists and hips, or oversized outerwears that provide roomier, more comfortable space, Levi’s® jackets for men are all designed to showcase individuality with practicality in mind. Browse our collection of men’s trucker jackets and outerwear pieces today.