A lot of people throw around the word “sustainable,” so we think it’s important to be super straightforward in exactly how we use it. For us at Levi’s®, it’s about making better choices like sourcing more sustainable materials and finding ways to use less water. It’s about making better clothes like WellThread™, our most sustainably designed collection. And it’s about bettering the planet and the communities that share it at every step along the way. We’ve always stood up for what’s right — and creating sustainable clothing is no different. Let’s take a look at how we’re changing the game for good.


This is our most sustainable collection. It’s designed and modeled on four guiding principles: Materials, People, Environment and Process. We make Levi’s® WellThread™ in Worker Well-Being facilities with rain-fed Cottonized Hemp, Water<less® technologies and as many recycled materials as we can. And every thread is designed to be recycled (not that you’ll need to replace anything from this collection anytime soon).

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Something you’ll hear a lot about as the industry becomes more sustainable is Cottonized Hemp. Why hemp? Because compared to cotton, it grows quicker, uses less water and leaves behind cleaner, healthier soils. Specially designed for Levi’s®, this new innovative hemp yarn is soft like cotton — and easily woven into styles like our Stay Loose Jeans, Loose Sleeve Trucker Jacket and WellThread™ tees (just to name a few). So you get the same authentic Levi’s® look and feel in a garment that’s easier on the environment.

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Our Puffer jackets and vests are now made from recycled plastic bottles and waste. So you get the same Levi’s® look and feel you love while keeping waste out of the landfills. Plus, recycled polyester requires less energy to make than virgin polyester and it reduces our dependency on fossil fuels.

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Unless you’re buying raw denim, your denim’s been finished. It’s the last but most crucial step in denim production, giving jeans and jean jackets a broken-in look and feel from day one. Unfortunately, this process uses a lot of water. Or, it used to. We rolled out Levi’s® Water<less® innovations in 2011. Since then, we’ve saved more than 4.2 billion liters of water from the finishing process (that’s enough to fill 1,680 Olympic-size pools!) and recycled over 9 billion more (you do the math). And by 2021, at least 80% of Levi’s® jeans will be finished with Water<less® techniques. So instead of washing denim with fabric softener to create that worn-in feel, we might tumble jeans with bottle caps and golf balls, taking the water out of the wash altogether.


Levi’s® jeans are made to last. For almost 170 years, we’ve designed durable clothes built to withstand daily wear. These days, when more than 85% of textiles end up in landfills, product longevity matters more than ever. Did you know that wearing a garment for just 9 months longer, shrinks its carbon footprint by 30%? As part of our mission to minimize our environmental impact, we want to make it easy for you to do the same. Visit Levi’s® Tailor Shop and talk to an expert who can help extend the life of your clothes, customize them or upcycle them into something new and recycle it all when the time finally comes.

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