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Need a break from skinny jeans? Why not try a pair of loose-fit jeans for a change? What used to be popular in the ‘90s, women's baggy jeans are now making a retro comeback. For those of you who want to give mom jeans, dad jeans and boyfriend jeans a try, we have some tips on how you can effortlessly style with these classic bottoms.

When your workplace allows more versatility to dress up, you better grab that chance! To keep things business casual, go for white button-down shirts and beige loose pants. The color of the loose-fit jeans or pants makes a big difference when setting the tone of your overall outfit. Women who like fashion accessories can also wear gold bangles or simple necklaces for extra glimmer. Alternatively, you can polish it off with a blazer and leather loafers for a more corporate look.

After work, what else can you do with loose-fit jeans? Well ladies, the solution is easy: baggy jeans, your favorite tee and sneakers. Not only this looks great on your most relaxed days, but it also suits the street-style backdrop. Got a crop top lying in your closet waiting to be paired? Oversized jeans are the perfect partner. It creates a harmonious balance between a figure-hugging top and a roomy, casual bottom.

Or if you like to go to festivals and concerts, you can thank yourself for having a pair of baggy jeans. Spending long hours dancing and being part of the atmosphere have never been more comfortable with this fuss-free bottom wear.

The thing about oversized wear is that it brings a relaxed touch to any outfit. The common misconception of loose-fitting bottoms is that it does not make women look good when in reality, that is far from the truth. The key to styling with loose-fit jeans is to make sure it pairs well with your top and shoes. Common loose-fitting jeans like mom jeans, dad jeans and boyfriend jeans come with their own fitting despite sharing the “oversized” characteristic.

Levi’s® has a collection of water-saving, tree-loving and waste-reducing sustainable women’s loose-fit jeans that are relaxed yet flattering with extra room for a subtle edge. Loose, slouchy and incorporated with the right touch of masculinity, it is a fashion boon that will help you to keep things fully laidback or all dressed up. Ranging from different fittings to a variety of cuts, rises and washes, we take your wardrobe makeover seriously.

At Levi’s®, we pride ourselves in making jeanswear that is built-to-last, fashion-forward and celebrates individuality. Explore our range of women’s loose-fit jeans including hip-hugger pants, high-loose jeans and Barrel pants. Live in Levi’s® the way you want today.