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Since 1873, we’ve made timeless clothes that are built to endure.
But clothes shouldn’t come at the expense of the environment.

The global climate crisis is happening now (and fast). As temperatures and sea levels rise, our designers are radically altering the way our iconic styles are made, and always moving toward more sustainable design practices. The results include Levi’s® most sustainably designed collection to date. So the jeans you wear today don’t pile up in landfills tomorrow.

Made with Earth-Friendly (hemp), which takes less water and fewer pesticides to grow.
100% Recyclable - even our signature Levi’s® Two Horse® patch and RedTab.
Water‹Less techniques save up to 96% of the water normally used during the finishing process.
Sewn in Worker Well-Being facilities that empower and improve the lives of those who make our products.

Una Murphy, Levi’s® Senior Innovation Designer is imagining sustainable ways to make your favorite jeans. We sat down with Una to talk about what inspired her to help create this collection.

Why is it important to design for recyclability?

Every garment has an environmental impact, and way too many clothes end up in landfills. For Levi’s® WellThread Collection, we design low-impact garments that can be kept and worn for many years and -- when it’s time -- easily recycled. We follow the industry strictest guidelines for material assembly: every material that goes into the fabric is recyclable. In addition, pocketing, zipper, Levi’s® Two Horse® patch, Levi’s® Red Tab and care labels are made of 100% cotton, making them easier to recycle with the garment. We hope that after they’ve been worn for many years, they can be used to make another new pair of jeans.

What are the benefits of using hemp?

Hemp is a great natural fiber that saves significant amounts of water at the cultivation stage, so using hemp allows us to reduce our water impact and prioritize environmental conservation. And, because it requires less intervention in the growing stage, hemp promotes cleaner soils. Our hemp fabrics are soft and designed with special yarns for the authentic look and feel of a pair of Levi’s® jeans.

Why should someone care how their clothes are made?

People are really starting to understand that their choices make a huge difference. There’s an environmental and social impact associated with every garment you buy. By purchasing something thoughtfully designed and made to last, you make a more sustainable choice. For us, thoughtful design means considering water conservation when choosing our materials, designing each garment to be recycled, and choosing factories that value their workers and communities. One thing that’s really beautiful about Levi’s® is that the garments we make tend to stay around for generations. I enjoy the possibility that they will become somebody else’s vintage treasure.