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Spring/Summer 2023

Levi’s® WellThread®

Our R&D lab is back with another season of fresh fits and new innovations that you can feel good about.

Levi's Wellthread collection pledge - Levi's Hong Kong

Transitional Cotton

Transitional cotton is cotton on its way to becoming organic, a process that takes about three years. By supporting these farming practices, we're reducing water consumption and the negative environmental impacts of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and genetically modified seeds.

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A woman who styled in Levi's Wellthread collection is holding a boom microphone  - Levi's Hong Kong
Levi's Wellthread collection quote - Levi's Hong Kong
Women are styled in Levi's Wellthread collection which made with plant-based dyes - Levi's Hong Kong

Wood Waste Pigment

Our entire collection is made with plant-based dyes. This season, we're introducing an innovative black pigment dye made from upcycled wood waste manufactured in a closed-loop facility. It replaces petroleum-based ink, reducing our reliance on fossil fuels.

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Recyclability & Circularity

Each and every component of a WellThread® garment’s anatomy—from the fabric to the iconic Levi’s® Two Horse patch to the zipper—can be recycled.

*Recyclable only in communities that have appropriate recycling facilities.

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Two models styled in Levi's Wellthread collection are facing sideways towards the camera - Levi's Hong Kong