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Bring back the era of freedom and flower power to your wardrobe with a pair of ladies bootcut jeans! At Levi’s®, we believe today’s bootcut jeans should not only look good on you but also last longer than a regular pair.

If you’re new to bootcut jeans, they are designed for the waist height to be placed at about the belly button. In fact, the conventional bootcut jeans are tapered at the knee and loosened at the ankle for you to wear your boots comfortably and fittingly underneath the jeans. Typically, people confuse bootcut jeans with the bell bottom or the flare, but these two flare out more than necessary to the extent of covering your stylish boots.

Levi’s® women bootcut jeans collection includes a style that’s a little nerdy, a little fun and fashionable right down to the hem. Inspired by the “High Water” fit of the 1980s, the waist-emphasizing high rise bootcut jeans have flared leg that hit at the ankle. Pair these jeans with a collared shirt to create a semi-formal appeal or don on your favorite sweatshirt when meeting with friends and family.

We also have ladies bootcut jeans that reach a new height, quite literally, for those who are still attached to their skinny jeans. Featuring our ‘70s High Flare jeans that present an incredibly fresh and modern look for those days when skinny jeans won't do. Made from organic denim, it’s super soft, stretchy and good-lookin’ while having a slim-fit cut for the thighs before flaring out at the hems. It is a flattering high rise bootcut jeans made to look and feel like the ‘70s. No, you don’t have to wear a rainbow tie dye shirt to match with this jeanswear (but we won’t stop you!). Style it with a feminine flowy blouse or a regular tee with a long cardigan. You’ll turn heads effortlessly on the streets, in a casual gathering or at a semi-casual office setting.

Or if you’re into sustainable fashion, check out our range of jeans, pants, shorts, tops, outerwear and a whole range of fashion accessories! Get dressed with a clean conscience for a better environment and future. Based on climate, consumption and community priorities, our high sustainability standards include leaving the smallest possible carbon footprint, sourcing alternative fibers to rebuild our natural resources and empowering our apparel workers through employee programs to build skills and foster inclusivity.

Browse our lineup of women bootcut jeans, sustainable clothing and more at Levi’s® online or retail store! We also have our Levi’s® Tailor Shop that offers jeans repair and tailoring as well as custom clothing services for your Levi’s® apparel purchases. Live in your Levi’s® today.