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For those who are not so keen on skinny jeans, a great alternative would be the straight-fit jeans! This type of jeans sit at the waist and are a straight cut from the hip to the ankles. Not sure how to style with a pair of straight-fit jeans? Let us guide you the Levi’s® way.

When it comes to high-rise straight jeans, they are as stylish as you can get in women’s jeans. Also known as high-waisted jeans, they are designed in a style that has a waistband placed above your navel. It draws the attention away from bigger tummies as high-rise straight jeans reach past the waist.

High-rise jeans fit well on ladies with rounder or curvier bodies. These jeans provide a defined waist and support across the abdomen. Not only that, they also flatter the figures of tall women who may want to create a slightly shorter torso look. High-waisted jeans can look good on petite ladies too by making their legs look longer.

With a classic straight leg and just enough stretch, you’ll love Levi’s® straight-fit jeans collection. They hug and flatter your figure while making you feel comfortable throughout the day. We also have women’s straight jeans that are mid-rise for a relaxed fit with the ideal level of bagginess for the leg. Mid-rise and high-rise straight fit denim jeans set the fashion trend for casual, off-duty appeal.

To style with mid-rise or high-rise straight jeans, go for a cropped top as a summer wear. If you want to hide your belly, opt for darker hues of straight denim jeans which are perfect to wear all-year round.

But that’s not all. We believe that fashion should be sustainable for a greener environment. Levi’s® Wellthread™ is our most sustainably-designed collection and prioritizes environmental conservation when sourcing materials. In our efforts to reduce waste, we designed each garment in such a way that it can be recycled. These items are made in facilities with programs that directly benefit the workers and their communities. Check out Levi's® highest high-rise with a classic straight leg from our sustainability fashion lineup. These are made with a woven cotton-hemp blend. Compared to cotton, hemp grows faster, uses less water while leaving behind cleaner, healthier soils. To “cottonize” the hemp, we partnered with fiber technology specialists to ultimately achieve a texture identical to that well-loved cotton feel — but better for the planet!

At Levi’s®, we offer a wide range of women’s straight jeans for you to choose a pair (or two) that represent your personality. Slim straight jeans, black high-rise straight jeans, cropped straight jeans and ribcage straight jeans are among our favorites! Browse at our online fashion store or pay a visit at any Levi’s® physical outlet for your very own straight-fit jeans. Shop now.