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Being the pioneer and leading denim jeans brand for over 100 years, Levi’s® women super skinny jeans are part of our timeless jeanswear collection. What was originally worn by punk rockers has now become a mainstream fashion. Both skinnies and super skinnies have become a hit in the women’s fashion industry today.

Super skinny jeans are slightly different from skinny jeans in terms of the level of tightness and fit. Skinny jeans are designed to fit snugly throughout the legs and are tapered at the ankle. They allow more movement and provide longer comfort. By contrast, super skinnies have the most form-fitting design which hugs the legs more snugly from the hips down to the ankles. People with very slim or petite figures would want to give our Levi’s® high-rise super skinny jeans a try. If it suits your style, you can purchase our chic super skinnies at our physical outlet or online store.

How does one style with a pair of super skinny jeans? Choose a size that fits you well and comfortably. Even though this bottomwear can be tight, it shouldn’t be too tight to the extent of making it uncomfortable and restrictive to wear. Once you have selected the right size and fit, go for a loose or flowing top to balance out the tightness of the jeans. For example, a blouse that falls past your hips.

Super skinnies generally look amazing with a wide array of footwear. Imagine putting on women’s heels or ankle boots for a “taller” appearance. Ladies who prefer to keep things casual and relaxed can opt for sneakers or flats.

Add some fashion accessories to complete your look! Loop a belt to bring attention to your waist, and jewelry to add sparkle to your outfit. Or if accessories aren’t your thing, why not try putting on an outerwear piece like Levi’s® trucker jacket? Our truckers and outerwear are available in our regular and sustainable collections!

Levi’s® sustainable styles are made from materials that use less water, rebuild natural resources and protect our forests while tackling climate change. But that’s not all — Levi’s® sustainable efforts also include supporting our community through our Worker Well-being initiative to support financial empowerment, safety, health and gender equality among the workers who make our products around the world. Shop our sustainable and innovative style items for a better, more sustainable future.

While super skinny jeans can be worn across different occasions, they may not be best suited for more formal events. It all depends on the setting and how you want to showcase your individuality. Check out our high-rise super skinny jeans or any of our women’s jeans and pants at Levi’s® today.

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