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Taper Jeans & Pants



Thinking of moving away from figure-hugging silhouettes to something in-between skinny and voluminous? At Levi’s®, we know exactly the feeling. Our range of women’s tapered-fit jeans and pants are your best bet!

Take, for instance, our high loose, tapered-fit women’s jeans. These jeans feature a flattering high rise, stacked and tapered-leg design for a relaxed, loose style. You definitely want a pair of Levi’s® high loose tapers if you’re planning to accentuate your waist and shoes. Pick a tee and tuck it in to give your beautiful high waist the limelight it deserves, while subtly highlighting your legs. Next, grab a Levi’s® women's trucker jacket or any denim outerwear and wear a thin belt. Shoes? Boots or high heels. And there you have it: a rock 'n' roll chick ready to conquer the city landscape. To command more attention, select high loose tapered jeans with stripe patterns or bold colors to turn the heads of friends, co-workers and that cute guy passing by.

Boyfriend jeans have been a fashion staple in many women’s wardrobes for years. Another tapered-fit jeans from Levi’s® women’s denim collection is our new take on boyfriend jeans. Generally, regular boyfriend jeans are tapered at the hips and in the seat with a more generous, relaxed cut through the legs. But we took a spin and it resulted in a comfortable and stylish pair of mid-rise and tapered-leg boyfriend jeans. Essentially, you’ll achieve a relaxed and casual-fitting look, as expected from a boyfriend cut, but with a neater, slimmer design. By wearing Levi’s® innovative boyfriend jeans, the denim pair will contrast your feminine looks to get that masculine yet elegant beauty. Not sure how to achieve this look? Go for that window of time between winter and spring. Make full use of your button-down shirts and sweaters by rolling up the sleeves if you feel warm, while complementing your top with a pair of our fashion-versatile tapered boyfriend jeans.

Our quality range of women’s tapered-fit jeans and pants will not only make you look great at all the right places, but also to keep Mother Nature in mind. Using sustainable materials and tailored with innovative designs, Levi’s® tapered-fit jeans and pants for women are, without a doubt, the better choice for fashion and the environment. Shop at Levi’s® today.