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Taper or boyfriend jeans — which one should you choose? Let’s take you on a journey to get you fitted for the best style!

Do you like that clean and sharp look taper-fit jeans deliver when going out and about your day? The cutting of taper jeans is designed to be narrow toward the ankle. However, it is not to be mistaken with skinny jeans! Women who like to feel loose and comfy on the top should own a pair (or two) of taper jeans. With the right taper jeans, you can easily elevate your look! For example, you can dress up in your favourite blouse and blazer to go with our Levi’s® taper-fit jeans for smart-casual workplaces.

If you prefer a looser shape of denim jeans, go for boyfriend jeans. Baggy, comfortable and laid-back, boyfriend jeans are your go-to denim bottom wear for a relaxed and comfortable fit. They sit mid-low on the waist and are designed to look a little oversized. These jeans are also one of the best jeans for curvy women who want to skim their silhouette. Skimming-fit jeans would brush over your waist and fit a bit loose around it.

Boyfriend jeans are perfect for creating an effortless, relaxed look. To create a boyish yet feminine balance, women can style their boyfriend jeans with fitted tops such as a fitted turtleneck or bodysuit. Another styling option is to pair a high-waisted pair of boyfriend jeans with a crop top or low-waisted boyfriend jeans with a longer shirt like a button-down shirt.

With boyfriend jeans being a hit among us ladies, we definitely want variations of the boyfriend cut. One of our proudest denim apparel is none other than the Levi’s® taper jeans. This range of jeans is slimmer than regular boyfriend jeans while allowing more room and comfort for the person wearing them. Our taper and boyfriend jeans give a fresh take to the borrowed-from-the-boys look, providing a relaxed fit through the hip and thighs and with a flattering tapered leg opening to go with just about any type of casual and smart-casual outfit!

Into sustainable jeanswear? Levi’s® sustainability styling introduces a range of water-saving, tree-loving, waste-reducing jeans collection, as well as other types of apparel like trucker jackets, shirts, boxers and more! Among the environmentally-friendly materials used, we carefully crafted using premium organic cotton. We are also exploring alternative clothing fibers including cottonized hemp which grows faster than cotton, uses less water and leaves behind cleaner, healthier soils. Specially designed for our sustainable clothing, we partnered with fiber technology specialists to “cottonize” the hemp, achieving a texture that’s identical in feeling to the cotton you love — and better for the planet!

Whether you are looking for taper-fit jeans or boyfriend jeans, explore our denim jeans range to find a pair you love. Shop at Levi’s® online or physical store today.