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When it comes to choosing warm clothes, you need not forego practicality and style. Sweaters and sweatshirts are ideal for women who want to keep their hands free and bags lighter compared with lugging around big, heavy jackets. Perfect for fall and winter, sweater wear can be a comfortable staple outfit while creating a casual chic or classy charm.

Sporty and ready for colder weather, hoodies work well for ladies who love the athletic appeal or have an active lifestyle. Whether you are going out for a jog or meeting up with a friend, you can be sure hoodies can keep your head and body warm as well as looking youthful and athletic. Prefer an oversized hoodie? Go for a cute boyfriend hoodie. There is that unmistakable coziness and security when wearing large clothing articles.

Take your sweater dressing to the next level by trying out pullover sweatshirts! Pullovers are basically put on or taken off over the head. Women can find ease in wearing this as a one-piece top with denim jeans and boots or experimenting with different styles. For a preppy, business look, tuck out the collars of your formal shirt, which is worn underneath a fitted, solid-colored sweatshirt. Nowadays, sweatshirts for women come in slim cuts alongside their oversized counterparts. Due to their traditional oversized design, sweatshirts have a stereotype of being out of fashion and making one look sloppy. But if paired with the right outfit and fashion accessories, it can offer a fresh elevation to what you are normally used to.

Heading out for an outing with your girl friends? Patterned sweaters including cartoon icons, floral motifs and geometric patterns bring out bold, playful personalities as you and your posse hit the mall. The secret to pulling off a patterned sweater without looking oh-so-wrong is by pairing it with muted clothing items, such as skinny jeans and sporty sneakers. You can also wear a trucker jacket or outerwear over it. The more colors your sweater has, the simpler and more muted your outerwear should be. For clothes that are better for the environment and just as chic, check out Levi’s® sustainable clothing line featuring water-saving, tree-loving and waste-reducing styles!

Want to look cool without catching a chill? Check out Levi’s® female sweater and sweatshirt collection today.