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Finding ways to look good from top to bottom can be difficult, especially when you are not sure where to begin! Setting the right context with a blouse, plain tee, linen-collared shirt or any other type of top can draw compliments and match the social setting, weather and location seamlessly.

Crew neck tees are a popular choice as spring or summer wear. Their simple design makes it easy to complement a variety of shorts, skirts, jeans and pants. You can either wear a crew neck tee on its own such as Levi’s® crew neck tees with our house mark logo or as a backdrop to your eye-catching outerwear. If you opt for the fancier latter, light-colored shirts coordinate well with a matching color or pattern women’s jacket and shorts. Another way to elevate with a basic tee is to don an overall straight-leg pants or overall dress. Blue denim overalls give an edgy look, while neutral-toned ones deliver a soft, feminine appeal.

Speaking of denim, women’s denim shirts have a greater fashion versatility than T-shirts. Whether you wear it as a jacket or on its own, denim shirts should standby in your closet. Home of classic and built-to-last denim wear, Levi’s® has slim-fitting denim shirts as well as long, flowing ones that hang loosely past the hips. Since denim is made of strong cotton fabric using a sturdier, thicker weaving, such clothing is perfect for colder seasons and air-conditioned settings. Alternatively, there are some who wear lengthy denim as a spring dress with ankle boots who look just as amazing!

For elegance and class, it is hard to go wrong with long sleeve shirts — even if they are round collared. Tees and blouses with long sleeves offer a level of protection from the sun while giving a more polished look. Dressing to impress your colleagues at work? Button up a long sleeve office shirt with utility pockets and roll those sleeves! It indirectly accentuates your figure and makes you look professional yet calm and collected at the same time. Feeling young and free while outside? Sleeveless shirts fit that description perfectly. Unlock that inner rocker with a graphic sleeveless shirt with a pair of blue denim shorts.

Looking for a top that articulates perfection, comfort and positive vibes all year-round? Levi’s® has a wide selection of women’s tops and shirts to choose from. Express your personal style with Leví’s® today!